Monday, August 20, 2012

Something to listen

Since my mobile phone decided that some buttons are useless and should not work, I changed my service provider to get cheaper calls and free new phone. New phone will still be phone sized not a shiny bread board that talks but it has some new bells and whistles my previous phone didn't have. One of them is music player that, in addition to music, can also spend my time with some educational listening. So I decided to download...

The entire FXGuide audio archive

Every single piece of audio from FX Podcast, Red Centre and VFX Show are now downloaded totalling 10.4 GB worth of mp3 files. It should be about 360 hours of listening, more than enough for every bus, train or plane trip in foreseeable future.

When this phone decides to stop working, phones with nice screens and quality video players probably cost next to nothing. Then I will download all the FXGuide TV episodes!

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