Monday, August 3, 2015

What I have been up to...

Finished work for feature film "Supilinna Salaselts". My tasks were different paint fixes and compositing.

Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm will open a new exhibition in September 2015. I was involved with the multimedia part.

Made the upgrade to Nuke Studio!

Dug up my GIS related software project with new ideas. Successfully compiled PythonQt today, so I can use python scripting in my little program. I feel that scripting is essential part of making the tool flexible and powerful. Now the last piece of the puzzle has been found...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Long time no see

I have been quite busy during the last months, and have gathered quite some things to write about:
  • my work on feature film "1944" directed by Elmo N├╝ganen. See the trailer:

  • new NAS (Synology rackmount RS3614xs) and server cabinet standing in the corner
  • Amazon EC2 based rendering with James Yonan'is Brenda scripts
  • Blender animation baking and localisation of files for rendering (scripts in development)
I'll try to take some time to write about these topics in near future. Until then enjoy your bottom-hours (or buy a decent chair)!