Friday, August 24, 2012

BMCC sample clips from Afterglow footage

Some sample footage from John Brawley's Afterglow footage have been released. They are DNG files containing camera raw data and are available for download through this post from John's blog HERE.

So, here is my take on grading the raw footage:
Graded in Lightroom because I wanted to try new Lightroom and see what I can do with dng files in there. Actually I'm not too sure I could make the same grade in Resolve because I'm not that used to Resolve yet.

Footage itself is great, some indoor shots, outdoor shot and low-light shots which show how much or little grain you get. Sensor white balance is I think 5600K and evening shots were very warm orangy due to that. I changed WB in Lightroom quite a bit, down to 3100-3200K. For shot 3, balcony, image looked too cool so I pushed WB up to 7200K. For first scenes I lowered the exposure and highlight values to get face back to normal exposure. It's rather amazing what these raw files are capable of! Very nice detail, dynamic range and little noise. Even the last two shots that were shot in low light situation and needed heavy WB correction stayed together very well and noise is not a big issue there.

Overall look - definitely impressive for 3000$ camera!

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