Monday, August 5, 2013

Programming continued... vol 2

Getting into exciting stuff now :) Added TableOp base class for operations on data tables and also created three basic operations that subclass TableOp: read table (from comma-separated textfile), select rows, append rows. Ops have pure virtual function called "engine" which calls all node inputs (and through node->execute() calls  their ops) and queries for input data. Data is asked by these calls up to input nodes (read or create nodes) and from there it pours down again. When all node's inputs are executed, node can also execute its ops. So node graph evaluation and execution are not really tied together. Graph evaluation serves the purpose of detecting circular dependencies and displaying order of operations.

Next step is to add table view into main window, because this floating piece is not very nice, and to add possibilities to edit node parameters through UI. I think it needs some kind of callback mechanism but I am not sure yet how to approach this and whether the signal-slot stuff works for it. Main problem is that each node must define its own knobs and there must be connection between every instance of node, it's knob values, and instance's variables.

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