Saturday, August 3, 2013

Programming continued... vol. 1

Continued my coding tries and added some functionality:
  • nodes can be deleted :) with proper edge handling
  • inputs-outputs reconnect automatically after node deletion and follow main inputs ("B", the base)
  • pressing Ctrl button displays edge break dots (similarly to Nuke) which can be clicked to create new dot nodes
  • nodes can be selected with box select and moved together
  • edges are displayed with A, B or similar signs if necessary
  • when node is selected, all input edges get nicely colored
  • when edges are reconnected, graph is evaluated and resulting list is displayed on screen
At first I used QGraphicsView default functions for handling node selection, moving and box selecting but as I built more and more on top of it, I screwed something up. For example, when moving selected nodes, they jumped to strange places. I ended up writing all mouse interaction functions myself. Some things are still broken, for example pressing Ctrl while dragging selectionbox cancels selection but box is not deleted properly.

PS: for some strange reason Photoshop makes printscreen images fuzzy. Paint on the other hand gets them pixel-sharp. Very strange...

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