Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time to go frameless?

For more than a hundred years, the idea of cinema has been fixed on sampling moments of time. Technical advances have made it possible to increase the sampling frequency but the idea is still the same. When comes the time to leave fixed quantization behind and step up with cinema 2.0 as it could be called. The analogue with video codecs could maybe describe the idea: constant size and variable quality vs. variable size and constant quality. At the moment cinema is fixed on constant size and variable quality domain because of strict temporal sampling and constant frame size but the quality of image degrades every time we move the camera or point it on something that moves. Motion blur steals information from us and there is no way to get it back.

Cinema 2.0
Second generation cinema would mean that we take a step away from fixed sampling and make a move into the world of adaptive sampling and constant quality. Eliminating the baked-in motion blur would be the first objective. Let our eyes do the work and decide when visuals move too fast to pick details. World doesn't render motion blur for our eyes, our brain does it. And so should it be.

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