Monday, October 1, 2012

3Delight and Blender

That AtomKraft thing for AE didn't really cut it afterall. Maybe I need some more time to figure out how all things work in this horrible mess that AE is for such work.

But 3Delight exporter for Blender, coded by Matt Ebb, is still great! Fiddled with it some more and compiled a new glass shader because the example shaders for glass are.. not very glass-looking. For some reason Blender now can't load shader names in existing scenes, displays text "loading shaders...". When I start Blender up and add material in new scene, everything is fine. Must investigate what is wrong.

Overall, 3Delight is a whole new world. Displacement is great and it should support pTex also. Should download Mari trial or some pTex sample files and try to get pTextures working. Shader writing is interesting, tried to figure out what I must do to compile C++ DSO functions. It seems that it isn't very difficult with cmake. Rendertime Python code evaluation is also something that can be very useful, for example for creating new geometry.

pTex seems to have catched wind very well with prMan, 3Delight, Arnold, vRay, Mari, 3D-Coat, Mudbox, 3DS Max, Maya, Modo, Nuke already supporting it and the list goes longer every day. Hope that Blender also adds pTex support to Cycles renderer and it's painting tools.

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