Thursday, July 17, 2014

12 bit TIFF files in Nuke

Opened up a sequence one day and it looked very strange with false colors and some width lost. Found out that Nuke does not support 12-bit TIFF files:

At first I thought there was an issue with color encoding and tried some different stuff but as image was thinner it occurred that there was something else going on. Metadata viewer told that image has 12 bits per channel, but Nuke's tiffReader thinks it is 16-bit tiff and reads accross channel borders in byte array. This is why 1/4 of width was lost. Images originate from DVS Clipster DI soft, so they are not so rare probably.

I searched the internet for solution and made a support query to Foundry. Comes out that 12-bit tiffs are not supported yet, but the good part is that they turned it into feature request so we may see it implemented in future releases.

My workaround was to convert the sequences in AfterEffects, but as I used the "jump to Nuke" discount program with my AE serial code it is somewhat ironic.

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