Monday, November 4, 2013

Nuke 7 plugin development

Today I started setting up the dev environment for Nuke 7 plugin development. As I bumped on some small obstacles, I thought I'd better make a post about it.

Nuke 7 plugins should be compiled with Visual C++ 2010 and if you have 64-but OS then against 64-bit libraries. The thing that gave me a little headache was the 64-bit environment. Nuke installation contains an example project that you can load and that should ideally build without problems. But problems I got...

First problem was in VC++ with setting additional dependencies. Nuke plugins need header files and .lib static libraries from Nuke program folder that must be manually added. For some reason VC++ did not want to show me the project properties dialog. After some messing around I found out this was because I didn't have x64 environment set up and so VC++ did not understand the project settings.

To set up the x64 stuff Windows x64 SDK must be installed. There came the second problem. Both the web installer and ISO image installer gave strange cryptic errors. After some more messing around I discovered that it was due to a conflict with already installed 2010 redistributables. I uninstalled all 2010 packages and after that the SDK installed without problems.

Now VC++ allowed to change project settings and add additional dependencies. In addition to Nuke libraries and headers, Windows SDK lib folder must also be pointed to in linker settings. It must be the x64 sub-folder because otherwise you get the linker unknown external symbol errors.

With all things set up I was able to successfully compile the example project:

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